Community Action Agency Board Roles and Responsibilities

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13 students

Our Mission

Through training, advocacy, and education, the New York State Community Action Association (NYSCAA) increases the capacity of New York State’s nonprofit network to strengthen communities and improve the quality of life for people living in poverty.

In This Training

You will increase your knowledge and confidence in the roles and responsibilities of a Community Action Agency (CAA) Board Member. This training is designed for new CAA board members to build a common knowledge base. The primary focus of this course is compliance. Once you establish this common knowledge base, you are encouraged to complete additional training on topics such as theory of change, fundraising, succession planning, and further board assessment and development.

We will cover key CAA board concepts including Community Service Block Grant (CSBG)  board structure, financial considerations, conflicts of interest, relevant legal standards, and organizational standards.  These key concepts are divided into 7 individual modules that comprise the CAA Board Roles and Responsibilities Training. See below for a full list of each Module title. Each self directed module should take between 15-30 minutes to complete, with a short quiz at the end of each module. There is no requirement to complete all 7 modules at once. You can complete as many modules as you wish, then return to the course at any time to continue.

Module 1: CSBG Basics
Module 2: CSBG Organizational Standards
Module 3: CAA Finance Personnel and Audits
Module 4: Annual Operating Budget
Module 5: Financial Statements
Module 5: Conflicts of Interest & Whistleblower Policy
Module 7: Non-Profit Revitalization Act

Supplementary Handouts

 Click on the links below to download supplementary handouts for this course. These handouts are also included in their relevant modules.

Symbol Guide

This course uses standard symbols to indicate areas of particular importance.  These symbols include:

 Push Pin: A notice that the presented information is covered in more detail in another module.

 Key: An indicator of a key term, followed by the definition of those terms.

 Legal Scales: A notice that the presented information includes Federal or state laws or regulations.

 Light Bulb: A notice that the linked information will provide ideas for effective board strategy.

 Open Book: A notice that further information, outside the scope of this course, is available in the following link.

 Bullhorn: A notice to pay special attention to this information.

 Paper Clip: Indicates a printable PDF handout is available.

 Notebook: Indicates the end of the module and a notice to prepare for the end of module quiz.

At the End of This Training

You will receive a certificate of completion upon finishing all 7 modules and successfully passing the short quiz.

To access the certificate: please scroll to the bottom of the curriculum tab and click “certificate.” Please print this certificate and keep it for your records.

Technical Assistance

Should you encounter any technical challenges while completing this course, please reach out to NYSCAA Training Specialist Lauren Ford at for technical assistance.

Source Credit

This course was developed utilizing materials from CAPLAW, Michael A. de Freitas, William C. Moran & Associates, P.C., Community Action Partnership, PRO BONO Partnership, Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board, NYCON, and ROMA Training Manual Version 5. Please see the “footnotes” section of each module for more information.

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